Our projects improve the facilities of villages and provide villagers with new places to learn and work, such as libraries, production centres and hospitals, all of which contribute towards the development of communities and improve their connectivity to the rest of the world.


We deliver projects that improve the health and well-being of villagers, offering free medical care, consultations and safe drinking water to communities that would not otherwise have access to them.


Through our women’s enterprise programme we are ensuring that small villages become connected to each other through a chain of commerce, resulting in women sustaining a regular income to support their families through the demand of their businesses.


In Ghana, up to 90,000 children could die this year from severe malnutrition. The causes are many — civil conflict, severe food insecurity, disease, floods and displacement. Beyond these challenges, a recent cholera outbreak is further imperiling the lives of Ghanaian children. The situation is growing worse by the day – if we don’t act now, many more children risk losing their lives.

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To alleviate poverty and engender equality in Ghana through economic empowerment programmes and projects for women and youth which form part of the MDGs.


Ensure that people, especially the young are educated on, and where possible, exposed to, modern technology and ICT use in the protection of the environment at large.


To mobilize Ghanaian communities for environmental protection activities such tree planting, as a replacement mechanism to control deforestation and flooding

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